The TILP Litigation Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH ("TILP Litigation") specializes in the representation of institutional investors in legal actions in Germany. Among others, TILP Litigation represents the Model Case Lead Plaintiff in the Capital Markets Model Case proceedings for investor claims in the "failed" VW takeover in 2008 against Porsche Automobil Holding SE and the Volkswagen AG before the Higher Regional Court of Celle, as well as in the "Dieselgate" matter against the Volkswagen AG before the Higher Regional Court of Braunschweig. Furthermore, a lawsuit against Daimler AG was additionally filed with the Stuttgart Regional Court as a result of the diesel exhaust emission scandal on December 30, 2019. In this case, too, the opening of a model case proceeding is going to be expected.

Representing Investor Claims

TILP Litigation specializes in providing legal representation for institutional investor claims in both out-of-court proceedings as well as in legal proceedings before the court. TILP Litigation currently represents hundreds of investment funds, pension funds and insurance companies worldwide in major capital market litigation such as Hypo Real Estate, Volkswagen "Dieselgate" and Porsche.

In addition to our expertise in capital market cases in Germany, TILP Litigation also advises clients regarding the possibility of recovering funds from existing or upcoming settlements. In this area, TILP Litigation monitors eligible claims from US, European and Asian cases with selected service providers.

Together with a close network of specialized lawyers in capital markets law in Germany and abroad, TILP Litigation also takes on cases relating to different jurisdictions. Due to its many years of experience in retrieving funds from settlements as well as its active involvement in ongoing lawsuits in capital market cases, TILP Litigation can provide institutional investors with an up-to-date assessment of their legal position in capital market cases.

TILP Litigation also offers negotiation of concrete financing commitments for the costs of a lawsuit by working closely with large and well-known litigation firms for cases where investment companies are unable to provide their own capital in the pursuit of claims. Tilp Litigation then actively assists in the litigation along with the funding litigation firms.

For years, TILP Litigation has been a committed player in the capital markets field, committed to active investor protection. Case management for the enforcement of claims for institutional investors is the central focus of all TILP Litigation cases.

Our law firm employs attorneys with securities experience as well as banking backgrounds. In addition to having support from a strong research team, the TILP Litigation team is also comprised of US licenses attorneys.

TILP Litigation maintains a close relationship with its institutional clients in order to be able to react quickly to market conditions and current issues in the assertion of all claims.


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